South Nashville Mural Depicts Workers' Movement In Community

Posted at 10:51 PM, Jun 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-03 17:17:28-04

A freshly painted mural in South Nashville gives voice to economic justice and dignity for all.

The “From Nashville To The World” mural is located off Nolensville Pike at 335 Whitsett Road.

Norf Art Collective, a multimedia creative team where artists produce public art that addresses social issues, was behind the design.

Arjae Thompson, a member of Norf who helped with part of the design, said he wanted to showcase what Worker's Dignity stands for.

"We just kind of wanted to illustrate what the struggle is for farmer workers, and what it really means to have dignity and how long that fight has been going on for the people in these communities," Thompson said.

Three generations of Latin women are painted on the wall and represent trailblazers.

Butterflies coming out of radio towers also symbolize the migration movement.

Thompson said he has gotten a lot of positive feedback from people in the community.

The project was a collaboration between Worker's Dignity and the Metro Arts Commission.

Worker's Dignity is an organization of low-wage workers organizing for economic justice and dignity for all.