Spur App Helps Speed-Up Hiring Process For Employers

Posted: 9:08 AM, Nov 03, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-03 10:21:01-04
Spur App Helps Speed-Up Hiring Process

Many new restaurants and businesses are opening-up in Nashville, but finding qualified help is hard. Now, a new app is helping speed-up the hiring process. 

Whether you're a business looking for a bartender or a bartender looking for a gig, Spur said they're here to help. 

"You need a job spur the moment or you need somebody to work spur of the moment that's what we're here to solve," said Glenn Clayton, founder of the app.

He said it's hard to find good help in a hurry. 

"8.5 percent of the jobs everyday go unfilled. There are people who want to do those jobs but making the connection between an available job and someone who wants to work it is really difficult, especially when it happens last minute," he said. 

"In Nashville’s job market it’s really tight and it’s really hard to get people to walk in the door, let alone pass all the training and hiring processes and become a full employee," said Perry Chen, Director of Operations for Hattie B's Chicken. "We talk about it a lot. Nashville is growing and there a lot of new people moving here every day, but people don’t usually move for hospitality jobs so the pool of hospitality professionals is only so big. As all these new people move-in and demand new hotels and restaurants and bars that doesn't necessarily mean that there’s that many people who have that skill set."

Chen said he recently used the Spur App to help fill an open position and said he'd do it again.

"It’s good to know that there are people out there trying something that will make [hiring] easier," he said. 

The app is free. Users download and create a profile, upload important documents, take a background check and later build an online reputation built on past performance. 

Clayton said that way good workers get rewarded. 

All payments go through the Spur App , so employees get paid within 24-hours. For more information about Spur click here