Stabbing Victim Walks To Waffle House For Help

Posted at 5:52 AM, Jan 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-11 09:40:58-05

A man was able to walk to an area Waffle House after he was reportedly stabbed in the neck.  

The victim walked into the restaurant on Clarksville Pike around 2 a.m. Wednesday. He had apparently been stabbed and was bleeding from his neck.

He told employees that a woman robbed and stabbed him just down the street – the alleged incident possibly happened at a gas station about two minutes away.

Detectives responded to the scene but soon left the Waffle House to try and find the actual crime scene somewhere along Clarksville Pike.

Police said they don't have many details at this point because he passed out before he could give them additional information. 

The victim, described as a man in his 40s, suffered an injury to his neck. He was taken to an area hospital by ambulance with non-life threatening injuries.