State Believes They Have Holly Bobo Murder Weapon

Posted at 5:52 PM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 20:28:33-04

State prosecutors believe they finally have the weapon used to kill nursing student Holly Bobo. It was a shocking revelation that came on the same day the trial of one of her accused killer's was scheduled to get underway.

Court documents reveal that state prosecutors believe a recently discovered gun is the murder weapon used to kill Bobo all those years ago, calling it a "critical piece of evidence."

The gun is listed as an Arminus model HW5, 32 caliber Smith and Wesson long revolver. It's still unclear where the gun was found or how it was found but it's cartridges have been tested for blood. The earliest mention of the gun being found was on May 26, 2017. Defense attorneys for Zach Adams, one of three men accused of kidnapping and killing Holly Bobo, have asked the gun be excluded has evidence.

Last week, Judge Creed McGinley was forced to delay the start of the trial because defense attorneys argued they haven't had time to analyze or process the gun.

As for an immunity agreement given to Jason Autry who's also accused of killing Holly, documents reviewed by NewsChannel 5 reveal that the state is considering reducing his charges in return for "truthful" testimony during Zach Adam's trial.

Jason Kilzer, a known associate of Zach Adams, was also listed as a fifth person given immunity by state prosecutors. Michael Alexander and Victor Dinsmore will also not face prosecution for any testimony they may give during Adam's upcoming trial in September.

Defense attorneys have also asked for all rape charges to be dropped because "it is undisputed that no evidence regarding the alleged rape of Ms. Bobo will be presented to the jury."

And as for the jury, potential major flaws exist.

Defense attorneys want another change of venue saying "many potential jurors in Hardin county sincerely believe Zach Adams is guilty"

We know defense attorneys believe 61 of 70 potential jurors have potential conflict, or knowledge of the case. With a staggering 97.1 percent of those in the jury pool admitting they have some knowledge of the case. At least one potential juror was found to have a "Pray for Holly," picture on their Facebook page at one time.

There is also this strange piece of information, defense attorneys want to bar witnesses from referring to the discovery of Holly's remains as "divine intervention."

Holly Bobo's mother Karen and father Dana have all been issued subpoenas to testify in court as well as Zach Adam's grandfather Dick Adams.