State Park Blonde Ale benefits Tennessee State Parks

Posted at 11:37 AM, Oct 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-30 14:21:43-04

The next time you buy a six-pack, you can crack a "cold one" and help support the great outdoors. If "Ranger Randy" looks familiar, you might be a craft beer enthusiast. 

"I've worked for Tennessee State Parks for 35-years," said Randy Hedgepath, State Naturalist for Tennessee State Parks.

Hedgepath is the face of State Park Blonde Ale. He's also the State Naturalist for Tennessee State Parks.

"They voted for me. I was so flattered and so happy to know that I can be the face of Tennessee State Parks, the agency I love so much," he said. 

The new brew is part of a -- rather refreshing campaign -- to raise money for the state parks system.

"We know that a lot of people love to hike in the park. We also know that a lot of people love to drink a little beer after the hikes so it made sense that we would develop this partnership with every to have a state park beer," said Brock Hill, Deputy Commissioner for the State of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. 

The partnership between Tennessee State Parks and Tennessee Brew Works helps the parks' conservancy. This is critical, since Tennessee is one of only seven states that do not charge an entrance fee.

"This funding will go for projects and programs that preserve and protect our natural resources," said Cara Ince, Executive Director for the Tennessee State Parks Conservancy.

If you buy the beer, one dollar of every case will go back to the agency, which includes 56 individual parks. 

So far -- the ale has helped raise $7,000 since it hit the shelves about a year ago.