Retrial For Vandy Rape Suspects Moves Forward

Posted at 6:59 AM, Mar 11, 2016

A status hearing was held for two former Vanderbilt University football players accused of rape as retrial proceedings move forward. 

Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey both waived their right to appear before a judge Friday morning. 

During the hearing, the lawyers discussed scheduling. The jury for the trial has been scheduled to be selected in Chattanooga March 30.

On Sunday, April 3, vans will be sent to Chattanooga to pick jurors up for the trial set for April 4.

Those with the trial said they have planned for the jurors to stay at a hotel two miles outside of they city of Nashville. The hotel was not disclosed. They will be brought in to the trial by van each day.

Both men were convicted in 2015 of raping an unconscious woman in Vandenburg's dorm in June 2013.

However, Judge Monte Watkins threw out those convictions due to an issue with a juror who did not disclose he was a past victim of statutory rape.

Two other players, Jaborian McKenzie and Brandon Banks, were facing similar charges and have pleaded not guilty.

Those players will most likely not be in court. The new trial gets underway on April 4.  

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