Stay Safe, Hydrated At CMA Fest This Weekend

Vanderbilt's LifeFlight Pros Standing By To Help
Posted at 7:01 AM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 08:11:11-04

Tens of thousands will flock to the CMA's this weekend in Nashville and Vanderbilt University Medical Center health professionals are standing by.

Jared McKinney, the Medical Director of Vanderbilt's LifeFlight Event Medicine, said high temperatures can effect your health without much warning.

"I think people don't remember to stay hydrated. It's probably the biggest things. The CMA organizers do a great job putting on a great show and so people obviously don't want to miss that. So staying hydrated is probably the biggest thing that people forget," said McKinney. 

Nashville events are getting bigger.

"There's no doubt the volume of all these events is going up is fantastic," he said. 

McKinney knows how large crowds, mixed with high humidity, hot concrete and heavy drinking can be a dangerous combination.

"People are out there for the majority of the day so we see a lot of heat related illness. But we also see strains and sprains and cuts from people who fall," he said. 

And what about those cowboy boots? CMA Fest can mean miles of walking so do your feet a favor and opt for comfort, not fashion.

McKinney said whether it's a blister or something more serious medical providers are ready and waiting.

"If people are having headaches, starting to feel weak, have vomiting anything like that flag one of us down," he said. "We'll have about 45 or so providers every day including physicians on-site. And then we'll have some roamers on Segways and some ATV vehicles going around the crowd as well."