Steps You Need To Take If Traveling To The Florida Panhandle

Posted: 5:54 PM, Oct 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-11 23:28:49Z

With Fall Break underway for many in Middle Tennessee and more expected to have the week off next week, there are steps you need to take if you plan on traveling to the Florida panhandle for vacation. 

Hurricane Michael caused serious devastation in many areas, while other areas did not receive much damage. 

“I’m very curious to see how the beach looks. Are the restaurants open? I don’t know, I just don’t know that yet," Genie Herron, owner of Herron Travel, a travel agency in Nashville, said. 

Herron has numerous clients with vacation plans in the panhandle in the coming days and weeks, and she said luckily for those clients, many of the areas they're visiting are west of where the hurricane caused the most damage. 

Regardless, she said for any vacations planned in that area, you need to confirm that the place you're staying is not damaged and still operational, and you need to make sure the roads are cleared so you can get to your destination. 

Herron said this could be difficult at the moment, as many phone lines are down, and some places don't have electricity. “It could be very hard to get ahold of somebody to find out if they’re up and at it, up and operating.”

For those who had plans in areas that were directly impacted and damaged, refunds will be given based on the agreement the purchaser made, but in most cases, Herron has heard that businesses are working with their clients. “I would suspect you would be able to get your money back.”

Some airlines canceled flights, while others are still evaluating the situation.