Tootsie's owner will not pursue lawsuit against city, calls out Mayor Briley

Posted at 11:54 AM, Dec 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-03 13:19:17-05

After a weekend filled with much commotion surrounding the Nashville Christmas Parade, local business owner, Steve Smith, has released a statement regarding the lawsuit he previously announced he would be pursuing against the city.

Parade organizers issued a statement on Friday that Kid Rock would no longer be serving as Grand Marshal in the parade as they felt he did not "personify the spirit of the Nashville community." Smith, owner of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, and large contributor to the parade quickly came to the defense of Kid Rock. 

Smith stated that the decision to replace Kid Rock was not warranted and that he planned to get the $250,000 he had donated to the parade back from the city.

In a statement released by Smith today, however, it was announced that there will be no lawsuit.

Smith went on to discuss the drama of the weekend, stating that he was still disappointed in the decision Mayor Briley and Councilman O’Connell made to revoke Kid Rock’s role in the parade. He went on to list recent decisions made by the Mayor that have been causing a stir in the community.

“For Mayor Briley to take such a hard line and decisive position against Kid Rock is puzzling, given Mayor Briley flip flopping on major community issues such as the Citizen Oversight Board and taking away the promised pay raise for out hard-working police officers, fireman, EMTs, and other hard-working public servants.”

Smith then concluded his statement by indicating that he “sincerely hopes Mayor Briley will not be a factor in any decisions for our city” after the upcoming election in August, 2019.