Studies Warn Of Dangerous Overuse Of Antibiotics

Posted at 4:58 PM, Jun 26, 2015

(CONSUMER NEWS) - Antibiotics have been known as miracle drugs that over the years have saved millions of lives. But their misuse and overuse have been causing dangerous consequences. They’re creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria that have spread from hospitals into our communities. Consumer Reports called the rise of superbugs a major crisis of our times and said we all have a role to play in stopping them.

The problem: Not all infections can be cured by an antibiotic. The overuse in people, livestock, poultry, and farmed seafood has led to mutations of bacteria that are now resistant to once-effective drugs.

Doctors and consumers have been part of the problem. We have used antibiotics even if they won’t work, such as for a cold or the flu, and sometimes we’re the ones who insist on using them. In fact, a Consumer Reports survey found that one in five people who got an antibiotic asked his doctor to prescribe it.

Consumer Reports has been spearheading a program to educate both patients and doctors about when antibiotics are needed and when they aren’t. More information can be found on

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