Sumner County Experiences Spike In Fatal Crashes

Posted at 5:40 PM, Nov 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 19:19:53-04

As people casually drive through the streets of Sumner County, most aren't aware that in 2016, the roads are more than twice as deadly as 2015. 

"Usually at this time of the year we've had nine fatalities," Chief Deputy Aaron Pickard of the Sumner County Sheriff's Office said. "This year we're at 20." 

I-65 near the Millersville exit is the deadliest stretch of road in Sumner County this year, with six people dying as result of vehicle crashes. 

To combat the rise in fatalities, Sumner County authorities are putting more boots on the ground. 

"We are deploying deputies during peak travel times to try and keep fatal crashes and overall crashes to a minimum," Pickard explained, adding that the reasons for the increase in fatal crashes include the growth in population without an expansion in roads, as well as more distractions on the road. "The use of a portable handheld device in a car is a major contributing factor to the crashes in Sumner County." 

Pickard said that it is impossible to stop crashes altogether, but to cut down on them, authorities need the public's help. 

"Your text, your email, your Facebook, it can wait," Pickard said. 

While roadway fatalities are up in the county, fatal accidents as a result of intoxicated driving are down.