Superstitions play a role in sports fanatics' way of life

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jan 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-17 20:52:52-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The Tennessee Titans are going into battle, and die-hard fans are armed with their own rules when it comes to showing support.

Sports fanatics tend to have their own superstitions and rituals before and on game day, which some are common, and others are downright strange.

Martha Fouce

Martha Fouce is likely one of the biggest Titans fans with the most superstitions. As a season ticket holder from the very beginning, Fouce is a true fan whether the Titans are good or bad that season.

If she is not watching the game at Nissan Stadium, she has a television on the front porch of her East Nashville home for neighbors and friends to join. She always wears the same Titans attire, but this year, she has added a furry head gear for even more good luck because the team won when she first wore it. On top of that, she always wears the same prescribed sunglasses with the same Titans colors.

"I'm very superstitious," Fouce told NewsChannel 5. "It's my fault if they lose because I messed something up with my outfit."

She has a dancing Titans bear that she must dance with before the start of the game. Fouce hates to be late and must be in her seat before the flyover and national anthem.

Fouce always sets up what is perceived as a Titans shrine on her table on game day but has not removed it out of fear of bad luck. She also hung up a football garment but after the team won, does not want to take it away.

She likes to have the Titans pin before the Titans reached the Super Bowl in 1999 but refuses to wear it because the team loses every time she does.

"I like to take a few deep breaths to prepare myself because I scream my head off the entire time."

Matt Prescott

Matt Prescott is a big sports fan and likes to have a cooler of beer next to him on the couch. He admits it doesn't work each time.

"I didn't have one and they ended up losing. I figured I might as well it keep it going strong and do it every single game," he said.

Prescott would count a certain amount of beers, so he would avoid having to leaving at any point of the game. In some cases when his girlfriend leaves the room and the team scores, he likes to keep her in that room for good luck.

Melissa Watson

Melissa Watson makes sure she wears the same shirt and sweatpants throughout the season.

"If they lost, I blame it on myself," she jokingly said.

Erik Clark

Erik Clark also like to wear the same outfit. Whenever the season starts, he does not wash his jersey. He admits it is gross, and so does his girlfriend.

"Mid-October that's when I started to notice the smell, but I can't say anything because I adore him, and he says I can't wash it because it's bad luck," his girlfriend said.