Supporters discuss future for Community Oversight Board

Posted: 6:52 AM, Nov 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-19 07:53:16-05
Supporters discuss future for Community Oversight Board

On Sunday, advocates for the Community Oversight Board met to talk about the next steps in implementing the board, which would investigate alleged police misconduct. 

Dozens of supporters filled the Lee Chapel AME Church to learn more about the process as group leaders said their work is far from over. 

"There's still so much work to do," Arnold Hayes, member of the group Community Oversight Now, said. 

Voters approved the creation of the Community Oversight Board in early November. Amendment One passed with 59.5 percent of the vote.  

"It's certainly never been done in Nashville," Hayes said. 

The next major step, according to supporters, is figuring out who will serve on the 11-member board. All board members must be nominated and then approved by the Metro Council. Two members must be nominated by the mayors office, two must be nominated by council members and the remaining 7 must be nominated by a community group or have a petition with at least 50 signatures. 

There are few requirements to throw your hat into the COB ring; you just have to be an adult and a Davidson County resident. 

However, Community Oversight Now leaders said they are looking for specific qualities in their nominees. 

"They need to be familiar with civil rights issues, policing issues, those are the type of things they need to be familiar with, experience in those types of areas," Hayes said. 

The Metro Council will call for nominations during their Tuesday meeting. Nominations must be submitted by Dec. 18.