Suspect Flees After Striking Police Motorcycle

Posted at 11:17 AM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 20:23:28-04

A suspect has been arrested after allegedly hitting a police officer’s motorcycle and fleeing the scene. He then led police on a pursuit across town.

The suspect was identified as 20-year-old Charlie Galindo. 

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said Galindo passed Officer Danny Johnson in his Dodge Charger on Interstate 40 in Bellevue at a high rate of speed. 

When Officer Johnson attempted to pull him over, Galindo reportedly refused to stop and started driving even faster on the interstate. 

Because of the high speeds, Officer Johnson discontinued the pursuit and turned off his emergency lights. 

After exiting the interstate at Old Hickory Boulevard, the officer saw the Charger again, stopped in traffic. Officer Johnson then maneuvered his motorcycle in front of the charger. He parked the motorcycle and approached Galindo, ordering his to get out of the vehicle. 

Galindo allegedly opened the door and acted like he was going to comply, when he suddenly veered his vehicle into the motorcycle and drove off. 

Officer Johnson was forced to jump out of the way to avoid injury. Fortunately, he was unharmed. 

A driver in traffic witnessed the incident and took a picture just after the motorcycle was pushed out of the way. 

Officials said Galindo struck another vehicle as he fled the scene. 

A police helicopter was already in the area because of the previous pursuit, and was able to follow the Charger from the air at I-40 and White Bridge Road. 

The helicopter followed Galindo as he got back onto eastbound lanes of I-40. They said he continued on to Interstate 440 before exiting at Nolensville Pike. 

Officials said Galindo turned onto Melrose Avenue, Winford Avenue and then parked the car on Cruzen Street.

He allegedly made an attempt to walk away from the vehicle, but additional officers were already in the area. 

The helicopter crew was able to watch Galindo as he left the scene, and they relayed his moves to officers on the ground below. 

Galindo was taken into custody on Winford Avenue and transported to jail.

Police found a small amount of marijuana in the suspect's vehicle. 

Investigators said Galindo faced multiple charges.