Tad Cummins To Remain In Federal Custody And Transported To TN

Posted at 7:07 AM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-25 02:31:13-04

Tad Cummins will remain detained after a federal judge declared him a flight risk and danger to the community.

The judge also ordered Cummins to be transported to the Middle District of Tennessee as soon as possible. 

According to documents filed Monday, Cummins intended to take 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas to Mexico and beyond "for his own purposes."

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His attorney, Benjamin D. Galloway, released the following statement after the ruling:

It is important to note that these allegations do not involve force, threats or coercion of any sort. As authorities in Tennessee acknowledge, the alleged victim left of her own free will. This was not an abduction or kidnapping as has been suggested. Mr. Cummins has no history of violence and no criminal history whatsoever. He surrendered without incident and has been cooperative with investigators. He looks forward to returning to Tennessee as soon as possible to answer the charges against him. 

Cummins was arrested Thursday when he and Thomas were found in Siskiyou County, California after a nationwide search.

While missing, Cummins was charged with kidnapping and a misdemeanor of sexual contact with a minor.

Following his arrest, he was charged with transportation of a minor across state lines with intent to have sexual intercourse - a federal crime. That charge carries a minimum of 10 years.

Under Tennessee law, children 12 and older can choose to leave home unless under "force, threat or fraud."

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an Amber Alert more than a month ago after Thomas went missing on March 13. Surveillance images showed them at a Walmart in Oklahoma City on March 15.

They were found after staying at least a night in a remote cabin 2,500 miles from home near Cecilville, California, near the Oregon border.

When he was captured, Cummins reportedly told deputies "I'm glad this is over."

TBI Director Mark Gwyn said Cummins is facing a “set of charges that could keep him behind bars for many years.”

** CNN contributed to this report. 

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