Take A Look Inside Nashville's Tallest Residential Tower, 505 Nashville

Posted at 7:13 AM, Jun 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-12 10:33:14-04

If you've looked up lately, you've seen it! Nashville's tallest residential skyscraper, 505, is reaching completion.

"The glass is being installed now. And we'll start moving people into the building October 1st," said developer Tony Giarratana. 

Floor by floor, Nashville's 505 tower reaches further to the sky.

"This particular tower is something very special. It's not merely a bigger version of what we've done before. It really is a whole new class of building," he said. 

Giarratana said the skyscraper, at 543-feet tall, will be Nashville's tallest based on occupied floors.

"At the base of the building, we have three retail spaces, the largest of the retail spaces is an 8,000-square foot retail space that will accommodate a restaurant," he said. 

When it's done, the building will hold hundreds of renters. 

"We have units sized from just under 400-square feet to more than 4,000 square feet," he said. 

And who will be moving in? Giarratana said it's not just millennials.

"While we had very little empty nesters at the beginning we're having an increased number of empty-nesters. going from about 5 percent back then to about 15 percent today," he said. 

NewsChannel 5 took a hard-hat tour of the building, still under construction. But even without an actual walk-through, Giarratana is using VR gear to help potential renters wander the grounds without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

"The virtual reality was very very important to this project. We unveiled the project for the first time September of last year to about 450 people over a period of three nights at the planetarium. Since then nobody has been able to come into the building and so it's very important through the virtual reality to let them literally walk into the completed building, see the lobby, the amenities, see the views in the unit and from the unit."

The tallest building in Nashville overall is the AT&T tower, otherwise known as "the Batman building." It sits at 617-feet tall. For pricing, 360 tours and floor plans of the 505 tower, visit their website.