TAKL App Goes Nationwide

Posted at 5:27 PM, Apr 21, 2017

The Nashville-based company, TAKL has expanded across the country with the goal of helping everyday people accomplish everyday tasks.

TAKL allows app users to find help doing household chores.

"I've done everything from raking leaves to crown molding," saidTAKL provider Tim Street.

Street is a handyman with a lot of skills, and when he heard about the service, knowing he could work for himself and set his own hours, he jumped on the opportunity to help other people through "TAKL".

"Most of the time it's something they put off and they really want to get it done," said Street.

The idea came from Copart founder Willis Johnson, who lives here in Tennessee and wanted his company based here.

"Nashville's been a terrific city to start with, they've really embraced us," said Johnson.

While the app has taken off in Nashville since it's launch last summer, it has also gained nationwide appeal, serving 500 cities in 10 different states.

"A lot of these people that's doing our work are Uber and Lyft drivers, they're used to this new economy and they don't want to work for an individual, they want to work for themselves," said Johnson.

While the app lets people request nearly any small task you can think of, this time of year, there's one main request.

"The majority of the jobs would probably be mowing grass," said Street.

Yet, providers get to decide which jobs they want to take, and at what price. Then, it's up to the customer to decide who to pick out of the available providers.

"If it's something they don't have time to do or they just don't feel comfortable doing it, they can get on the app and you know, and have somebody out that day and taken care of," said Street.

TAKL is hoping to spread to the whole country, but in the meantime, they're hoping to double their reach in the next two months to nearly 1,000 cities.