TBI Raids Home Of TN Representative Candidate

Posted at 4:28 PM, Jan 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-24 21:04:21-05

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation raided the home of a man running for State Representative. He said it was a horrible situation he will never forget.

Jeremy Hayes, who is running for State Representative District 57, said the search warrant, which was issued at the request of the District Attorney General Tommy Thompson, was politically motivated.

A spokesperson with the TBI said the warrant was issued to investigate allegations that Hayes resides outside of the district for which he is running for office, and that he cast a ballot in a district in which he does not live.

Hayes told NewsChannel 5 he has been living with his 78-year-old grandmother who is battling stage 4 kidney failure in Mt. Juliet. He said he has been sleeping at her home at least four or five times a week for the last year.

He believed the raid was an attempt to sabotage his run for state representative.

"It was unnerving, absolutely unnerving. Anytime you see a state agency weaponized for political purposes no matter what side you're on, left, right, liberal, conservative, moderate. This should be terrifying for everyone. Because if they can do this to our campaign, they can do this to absolutely anyone for any reason."

Hayes said TBI agents showed up to his grandmother's Mt. Juliet home, and did not have a warrant to search the property.

Hayes said the agents left, when they were asked to leave that residence.

General Thompson denied that the search was politically motivated, and when credible information is reported, it is their job to investigate.

Hayes opponent, Representative Susan Lynn confirmed that she did contact the Tennessee Coordinator of Elections to report Hayes.

She went on to say that everyone knows that Jeremy Hayes does not live in Wilson County.