Teen Credits Strangers In Saving His Life Fife From Firey Crash

Posted at 9:18 PM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-09 22:18:39-04

At Donelson Wrecker Service, each car tells its own story. More often than not they've landed there after a bad wreck, but among them one stands out. 

It's Bryce Harrill's first time seeing his car since that day in late July. He was driving down Bell Road after leaving Elm Hill Pike intersection when he said he dozed off. The next thing he remembers, "waking up in front of another car and seeing my car just a little bit on fire like right here," he explained.

Bryce struck an oncoming car head on. He was conscious but pinned inside his car as it began to burn. "That door was jammed," he said. 

That's when he said complete strangers stepped in and helped pull him to safety. "Yeah, they saved my life," said Bryce. 

Before long his car was a ball of fire, burning all of his hockey equipment he had used in practice that day.

"It's weird looking at that seat and realizing I was sitting there because it's like, what if I didn't make it out," he said. 

As he rummaged through the debris he found bits and pieces of his equipment. The inside of his car is now a twisted ball of melted metal. 

"It just took my breathe away, I couldn't even think," his mother, Stacy Harrill said. She said instead of anger she feels grateful, grateful someone was there to help. "I definitely like to thank everybody that stepped in to help him."

"It just wasn't his time, has to be more purpose for him and I'm grateful for that," Harrill said.