Teens Arrested After 2 Attempted Carjackings

Posted at 6:06 PM, Aug 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-02 19:06:14-04

Two teens were taken into custody after two attempted carjackings.

Authorities said the first incident happened around 6:20 p.m. Wednesday in the Hill Center parking garage in the 4000 block of Hillsboro Pike.

Officials said the teens, ages 15 and 17, ran up to a woman’s car on each side, opened the driver and passenger side doors, and yelled at her to get out.

The woman reportedly screamed and held down her horn. The two teens ran away. Police said the woman had minor injuries but refused treatment.

About an hour later, the teens went to the Kroger parking lot in the 2200 block of 21st Avenue South. They reportedly grabbed a woman’s keys away from her as she walked toward the store.

The teens then got inside the victim’s vehicle, but they exited it just seconds later and fled on foot. Authorities said they were apparently unable to drive a manual transmission.

Officers spotted the two teens a short time later and took them into custody.

Both have been charged in Juvenile Court with attempted robbery/carjacking, theft of property, and attempted theft of a vehicle.