Teens Graduate First 'Gentlemen And Not Gangsters' Program

Posted at 10:29 PM, Aug 26, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - They were headed down a path that had already gotten them in trouble with the law, but several Metro teens celebrated a fresh start Wednesday night.

Nine graduated from the Gentlemen And Not Gangsters (GANG) program.

It was the first time the program had taken place but was required for all of the teens going through probation.

All of the mentors for GANG have been in prison or gangs before and now have been making sure the teens don't go down the same path they did.

Shermond Dillard just completed the program.

"It really motivated us to do better because they've been incarcerated, they've been locked up," he said. "They push us and make us go hard and focus."

Mt. Carmel Baptist Bishop Marcus Campbell started the program. He said he hopes all of the graduates keep in contact with the mentors as they go forward.

"We want to build a relationship and let them know that 'Hey, we've been there. We care, We made it. We know you can make it,'" Campbell said.

The class started with about 30 teens participating.