Tenn. Brewers Look To Break Into Beer Business

Posted at 7:43 AM, Jul 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-03 08:51:31-04

Craft beer is on the rise nationally and now Tennessee brewers want a part of the booming industry.

Eric Brannstrom started out as a home-brewer. Then, his hobby turned into his passion.

"I started thinking about it 5-years-ago. I was working at a small brewery in Northern Michigan as an assistant brewer," he said. 

Now he and his wife have returned to Tennessee and are banking on beer. They're hoping their new business, Tennessee Valley Brewing Company, can capitalize on the relatively untapped market.

"There's a little anxiety of course, you're stepping out to a new adventure," he said. 

Americans spend a lot of money of beer. According to the National Brewers Association, the overall beer market is $107.6 billion. Craft breweries make-up nearly $24 billion of that.

There are 66-craft breweries in the state of Tennessee, placing it 39th on the list.

Compare that to a state like Colorado with more than 300 craft breweries, and it's easy to see there's still a lot of room to brew.

"I noticed that there a lot more craft breweries in those cities than there are here. And obviously if those cities can support that kind of industry then of course Clarksville can, as well," said Brannstrom.