Tenn. Designates Barrett As Official State Rifle

Posted at 11:00 AM, Feb 24, 2016

While Tennessee lawmakers last year balked at making the Holy Bible the official state book, they have shown little hesitance this year to designate an official state rifle.

The Rutherford  County-made .50-caliber Barrett sniper rifle has now taken its place alongside state symbols like the tomato as Tennessee's official fruit, the cave salamander as the state amphibian, and the square dance as the state folk dance.

Democratic Senator Jeff Yarbro of Nashville cast the lone vote against the resolution Wednesday, arguing the state shouldn't make a state endorsement of a private company.

He said lawmakers wouldn't want to choose between other Tennessee-made products like Jack Daniel's and George Dickel as the official whiskey, or Goo Goo Clusters and MoonPies as the state dessert.

The House voted 74-9 to pass the resolution.