Tennessee dog 'Dr. Potato Head' named finalist in Nationwide's Wacky Pet Names contest

dr potato head
Posted at 11:31 AM, Apr 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-04 12:31:43-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A Tennessee dog has been named a finalist for Nationwide's annual Wacky Pet Names contest.

Dr. Potato Head is a nearly 1-year-old French bulldog from Nashville. His owner Dalton Hamilton said "Dr. P" is a playful pup who loves cuddles.

When asked how Hamilton came up with the name, he said he knew he wanted it to be humorous.

"My girlfriend suggested Mr. Potato Head, and I said 'doctor' …because he has credentials, you know?" Hamilton said. "And then we just went down the rabbit hole of all of the possible names we could call him from that."

Voting for the top name will be open April 4-9 and the winner will be announced on April 11.

The finalists for the dog category are:

  • Bruno Marscapone
  • Dr. Potato Head
  • Ghostopher P. Spookington
  • Macho Dog Randy Savage
  • Motley Chew
  • Porkfrog
  • Princess Dumptruck
  • Redwood Stinging Tenticles of the Sea RuhRoh
  • Shoogieboogie

The finalists for the cat category are:

  • Boba Pett
  • Crunchcat Supreme
  • Foo Foo Cuddly Poops
  • Lady Cleocatra Meowington
  • Linda From Human Resources
  • Mr. Murder Mittens
  • Pickles McButterpants The Muffin Slayer
  • Ruth Bader Kitsburg
  • Salt 'N' Dr. Pepper
  • Tayroar Swift

Visit the wacky pet name contest website to cast your vote.