Tennessee GOP Committee Votes To Remove 8 Primary Candidates

Posted at 3:41 PM, Apr 08, 2018

The Tennessee Republican Party's executive committee has decided to remove seven GOP candidates for U.S. Senate and one in the governor's race from the August primary election ballot.

Media outlets reported the committee ruled Saturday the candidates lacked voting credentials to run as Republicans as set in party bylaws. State Republican Party rules have required candidates to be active members and vote in three of four statewide GOP primaries in the counties where they live.

The Senate candidates are David Anderson, Rashard Lamar Coker, Larry Crim, Tommy Hay, Theresa Honeycutt, J. Darrell Lynn, and Ronaldo Toyos. The gubernatorial candidate is Eddie Murphy.

In a statement Saturday, Republican Party chairman Scot Golden said the GOP wants "to ensure that the candidates seeking our nomination are active and invested in the Republican Party in Tennessee."