Tennessee National Guard Soldiers Return Home

Posted at 3:58 PM, Oct 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-14 19:54:23-04

After ten months, families were finally reunited with their loved ones.

Families greeted 120 soldiers with the Tennessee Army National Guard who returned back home.

Saturday morning, hundreds gathered in Smyrna to await the soldiers from a year-long deployment overseas.

The soldiers were responsible for providing IT support to U.S. troops in seven different countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. 

"The unit went over there, they accomplished their mission, and they accomplished it exceptionally well, and most importantly, they brought everyone back home to the loving arms of their friends, families, and loved ones," said Col. Steven Barney, Tennessee Army National Guard.

The Colonel said the soldiers were headquartered in Kuwait.