Jurors See Surveillance Video In Timothy Batts Trial

Posted at 8:35 AM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 21:30:53-04

Jurors were shown surveillance video moments after an 11-year-old was fatally shot in Hendersonville as day two of the Timothy Batts trial got underway. 

Batts first told police his daughter, Timea, had been shot after getting off the bus, before later confessing to accidentally shooting her thinking she was an intruder. She later died.

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Hendersonville Detective David Harrell took the stand Tuesday and detailed evidence in the case, some of which included the young girl's bloody clothing.  

Batts was emotional throughout and was comforted by his attorney.  

Police found two surveillance cameras in the house. One was in the living room pointing towards the dining room area and the other was located in the kitchen. Jurors were shown four video clips.

Batts' attorneys made it clear that even though the detective first thought Batts tried to clean up scene after shooting, the surveillance video showed the opposite.

Detective Sean Sims said they found a jacket with $6,270 in cash inside a closet. The jury also saw contents inside a gun box obtained from underneath a dresser in Batts' room.

Hendersonville Medical Center maintenance worker and security guard Tyson Moser then took the stand. 

The defense strongly questioned Moser's testimony that he saw a large sum of money in Batts' car and why he chased after it when Batts left.

Detective Neal Harris testified next about his interview with Batts the day of the shooting. He told the detectives that the gun used in the shooting was his cousin's. Harris went on to explain how Batts' gave the gun back to his cousin after the shooting.

During that interview, Batts told Harris he didn't tell the truth to the officers at the hospital initially because he feared he wouldn't be allowed to see Timea.

Batts has pleaded not guilty to charges of reckless homicide, tampering with evidence, felon in possession of a firearm and filing a false report.  

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