The Glow: A Jack O' Lantern Experience Opens In Nashville

Posted at 6:39 AM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 18:50:13-04

The Fontanel Nashville has been transformed by thousands of pumpkins. The event, known as The Glow, is brought to life by artists putting in serious man-hours. 

"We are not a scary show. We're family-friendly. We do attract people of all ages. Date night, friends coming out here in groups, families with their little ones walking down the trail," said Ally Mueller, producer at The Glow. 

She said it's a Jack O' Lantern experience, featuring 5,000 pumpkins. 

"We use local farmers. We use local artists. Some are well-experienced and some that are brand new, their first professional cut day was today," she said. 

Bill Bywater spent 30 years in the ice-carving business but now spends his days carving up hundreds of designs and faces.

Bywater and his team have the work down to a science and said perfecting the art of pumpkin carving starts with selection. 

"It's partly about the tools but first let's select the pumpkin. Get one that has a nice stem on it. The stem is going to continue to feed it for the next couple of days, maybe a week or two. Wipe it down with a chlorine wipe and that's gonna knock off the mold to start with," he said. "Put the hole in the back so your light is in there."

Visitors of the glow will experience elaborate displays, tailored specifically to Music City, with country and rock-themed installations.

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