Unusually Warm Weather Leads To More Allergies

Posted at 6:30 PM, Dec 11, 2015

There's something about warm temperatures that tends to get people excited, and if you listened to Meteorologist Lelan Statom's forecast you might think it's April.

"For the weekend it looks like were going to see a high of 72 tomorrow and that would easily break the old record of 70 that has been on the books since 1873," said Statom.

For many people enjoying the outdoors, that's great news, but for others Dr. Lee Bryant, an ENT with TriStar Summit Medical Center, said it means allergy shots or medication.

"The ragweed typically shows up around late August and it sort of dies down after the first hard frost, but it's still hanging around," he said. "We've had lots of rain and moisture, and that leads to lots of mold and mildew and the exacerbation of allergy symptoms."

Dr. Bryant said he's seen an increase in allergy patients this month, and Statom said there's a reason why.

"What's happening in the pacific coast does have an impact at times at what's going on with us," he said.  "This is one of the strongest El-Nino's on record, and because of that we're seeing this very mild weather across the eastern half of the country right now."

For those of you sick of the allergies and doctor's visits, and for those of you who want more of that winter feel, Statom said you're in luck.

"There is some colder air that's on the way for next week, so the temperatures are going to come down."

If you're suffering from allergies and you don't see a specialist, Dr. Bryant has recommended a Hepa air purifier. It can help take some of the mold or dust out of the air.