The Love Story Behind The Viral Photo Taken At A Franklin Sonic

Posted at 5:44 PM, Jul 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 19:25:33-04

A photo of an elderly couple at a Sonic in Franklin was posted to Facebook and quickly went viral, but the story behind the photo is even more heartwarming.

On his thirteenth wedding anniversary, Fairview pastor Brent Kelley had taken his children to the pool in Franklin, when he decided to stop at Sonic on the way home.

After ordering and receiving their food, Kelley pulled out of his parking spot, when something caught his eye.

"I had to watch out for him, because his door was open," Kelley said. "Then I saw that he was kneeling on the hot pavement."

Kelley almost left, but the actions of the elderly gentleman kneeling on the ground brought him back.

"I circled back and took a picture to show my wife," he said.

Kelley also posted that picture on his personal Facebook page. In it, an elderly man is kneeling next to the passenger side of his vehicle, spoon feeding his wife ice cream, with a napkin draped across her chest.

Photo Of Elderly Couple Goes Viral

The picture was shared hundreds of thousands of times across the world. International news outlets have called him requesting interviews. But Kelley said the most meaningful conversation he's had about the photo was with the couple's son.

"Their family thinks it's a beautiful representation of their love story," Kelley said. "I've been in touch with their son and cousins, they think this is all very cool."

The couple's son told Kelley the man's wife suffered a stroke in recent years. Driving to the Sonic with her husband for a strawberry sundae is now a part of her daily routine.

A reminder that true love is patient and kind, even in moments as simple as sharing an ice cream sundae.