These were the most popular baby names in 2018

Posted: 7:23 AM, May 13, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-13 12:23:23Z

While Meghan and Archie are more popular baby names this decade - they still aren't in the top 10 for the United States.

The Social Security Administration released its data for baby names in 2018.

Counting down from 10th for boys --

10. Logan
9. Mason
8. Lucas
7. Elijah
6. Benjamin
5. Oliver
4. James
3. William
2. Noah
1. Liam

William is the number one selection in Tennessee and Kentucky.

When it comes to girls names --

10. Evelyn
9. Harper
8. Amelia
7. Mia
6. Charlotte
5. Sophia
4. Isabella
3. Ava
2. Olivia
1. Emma

Emma is on a 5 year streak at number one nationally -- and won Kentucky -- but ranked 3rd in Tennessee where Ava still holds first place.

Game of Thrones character names are also rising in popularity with children now bearing 18 of the show's more unique names.

Arya just barely missed out on the top 100 -- at 119 -- but after this season, you can expect it to grow.