Thousands Turn Out For Early Voting By Day 2

Posted at 6:56 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 19:58:29-04

Transit is on the ballot, and so far there's been a big voter turn out.

With early voting underway the Election Commission has already started to tally up just how many voters have come out to cast their ballots. Compared to 2014's primary election, the numbers are on track to be record breaking.

"In this country you have opportunities that other nations don't have so you need to exercise that right," said Jeff Roberts, Election Administer, Davidson County.

Exercising your right to vote, and it seems like residents in Davidson county are doing just that.

So far 7,443 registered voters cast their ballot at the end of day 2 of early voting, in the last 2014 primary election only 823 people voted by this time.

"I think in 2014 we didn't see a large turnout like we're seeing for this election just because of the transit referendum," said Roberts.

Roberts says the Election Commission expected a good voter turn out with billions of tax dollars on the line.

"Davidson county residents are interested in what's going to happen in the city and they want to have some say in how we spend their tax dollars," said Roberts.

Voters are deciding whether or not to fund the $5.4 billion transit plan, a decision the Election Commission is encouraging voters to weigh in on.

"We just hope everyone will turn out to vote. Use this opportunity to help make the decision of where Davidson county will go in the future," said Roberts.

It is too late to register to vote in this election, but you still have time to register to vote in the Mayoral election.

The deadline to register is April 24.