THP Hope To Get Body Cameras Soon

Posted at 10:23 PM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 04:05:40-05

Tennessee Troopers could soon be going more hi-tech, the agency is now exploring the option of body cameras on its troopers. It will be a way to determine wrongdoing in a matter of seconds.

Body cameras will help document Tennessee trooper interactions when the dash camera is out of sight.

"Body cameras are there to alleviate any questions of wrongdoing from our troopers if there was a situation where the trooper acted inappropriately that body camera will be there to support and document that," said Lt. Bill Miller, Tennessee Highway Patrol.

The cameras currently in use by THP are almost 5 years old, and are due for an upgrade. The days of downloading video onto a hard drive will soon be obsolete.

 "That takes some time it's very time consuming and the new system will allow them to download their video to an actual storage cloud and give us more capability at a much cheaper cost," said Lt. Miller.

The new cameras will not only help take some burden off troopers and civilians, but taxpayers' wallets too.

"It's more cost effective for taxpayer dollars because troopers are patrolling longer... and doing the job that taxpayers are paying them to do," said Lt. Miller.

The cameras will come as a package deal- so troopers will get updated dash cams as well. It will take about a year to get the cameras approved.