Franklin Non-Profits Look For Housing Solutions

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jan 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-15 21:58:48-05

Three non-profit organizations in Franklin have begun looking for a way to create more affordable housing options in the city. 

The Community Housing Project, Hard Bargain Association, and Habitat for Humanity of Williamson and Maury Counties have teamed up to champion a project the call "The Hill".

The organizations feel there is not enough affordable housing in Franklin for people who work in the service industry.

"Lets say at Walmart, O'Charleys, just various businesses, service industries around here, can't really afford to be here. So they're looking for homes where they work, but they're having to find homes closer to Nashville, or further out towards Columbia," said Becket Moore, the executive director for Habitat.

"The Hill" would sit on a piece of city-owned property off of Hillsboro Road. It once housed several city public works departments, but has bee vacant for nearly two years.

City leaders are currently studying several different options for the redevelopment of the valuable piece of land.

"Up to about $2 million, $2.5 million, depending on the type of use, in terms of the estimated values we've gotten for the property. So we want to make sure we're being good stewards of that property, and of those resources," said city administrator Eric Stuckey.

The non-profits started a website to raise awareness about The Hill, and to gain support for the project. There is an on-line petition supporters can sign.

"So that's out there. There will be some signs that will be available to put in yards. The three organizations are just working together to just create that awareness at this point and time," Moore said.

If the non-profits can strike a deal with the city, the three would build approximately ten homes a year until there are 40 affordable home options on The Hill.