Three road rage incidents reported in three days in Murfreesboro

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Posted at 10:38 PM, May 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-18 23:38:42-04

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WTVF) — Murfreesboro police are urging drivers to be cautious after three separate road rage incidents over the course of three days.

Police say the three incidents are not related, but all happened in high traffic areas in the city.

The first incident occurred on Friday, May 14 at the intersection of NW Broad Street and Thompson Lane. Police say the driver of a Mitsubishi Montero Sport reported an unidentified male driver of a late model gold Toyota Camry, with possible New York license plates, pointed a handgun and fired several shots at his car. The victim’s SUV was struck two times. There were no injuries. Police are still looking for the driver of the gold Camry.

The second incident happened on Medical Center Parkway just before 2 p.m. Sunday, May 16. Investigators say Robin Rosenblum, slowed down and refused to allow another driver to pass. The driver eventually pulled beside Rosenblum and yelled profanities, telling the driver to speed up. Rosenblum attempted to run the Corolla off the road, forcing the other driver to stop. Rosenblum then got out of his vehicle and assaulted the other driver. Rosenblum was arrested for aggravated assault and reckless endangerment with a motor vehicle.

Police said approximately two grams of Marijuana was found in the passenger door panel of Rosenblum’s vehicle. Rosenblum also faces a simple drug possession charge. Rosenblum’s passenger, Tina Allen, was issued a misdemeanor citation for simple possession of Schedule VI drug. She was not arrested.

The third incident happened near Pitts Lane and Dejarnette Lane Monday, May 17 around 9:15 a.m. A woman says another driver cut off her grandmother, who was following her. When she slowed down so her grandmother could catch up, the driver of an Infiniti SUV, identified as Morgan Garrett, allegedly displayed a handgun and cocked it back.

"I was scared I was going to be killed, and my daughter wouldn’t have a mom," said the driver, who wanted to remain anonymous. "I just want to tell everyone to be careful out there."

Officers later arrested Garrett on Memorial Blvd. She is facing aggravated assault charges.

"Drivers need to be patient; it’s not worth risking harm or possibly your life. You don’t know if the aggressive driver has a firearm or not," said Sgt. Greg Walker, with the Murfreesboro Police Department.

Sgt. Walker also encouraged drivers to be aware of their surroundings and leave plenty of time to get to their destination. He said if someone encounters an aggressive driver, the best thing to do is get away from the situation by pulling off the road or moving to a safe location.

"At the same time, you might need to call 911," said Sgt. Walker. "Give them as much information as you can about the suspect and the suspect vehicle."

Murfreesboro police report a total of 1`3 road rage incidents from January 1 to May 17 of this year. This compares to 8 incidents during the same time period in 2020, and 10 incidents during the same time period in 2019.

If you have seen the gold Toyota Camry with New York license plates in the first road rage incident, or can identify the driver, contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 615-893-2717 or email tips to

Law enforcement agencies have reported five road rage incidents throughout the mid-state within the last six months.

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Reported road rage incidents.

There have also been four shootings on the road between December and February. 26-year-old Caitlyn Kaufman and 23-year-old Eric Thompson Junior were killed in separate shootings on Nashville highways.

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Reported shootings on Tenn. roads

A man was also shot on December 12 as he was trying to merge onto I-24 from I-440. As for the incident on February 23, a family was shot at after they followed and confronted a man who cut them off. No one was seriously hurt in that incident.

Four of them ended with someone shooting at another car. The fifth incident, near Old Hickory Boulevard and Central Pike, ended with a man threatening to shoot another driver.