TNReady Test Scores Wont Be Ready By The End Of The School Year

Posted at 7:51 PM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 20:57:20-04

The TNReady test scores aren't expected to be complete before the end of school, and some school districts will be sending students home without report cards.

Parents have asked for answers, but many were left with uncertainty after the TNReady test scores are actually not ready yet again.

"It is very upsetting , it gets very frustrating," said Thomas Weber, Education Blogger, Dad Gone Wild.

Another year, and yet another problem.

Frustrations boil over, as parents prepare for their children to come home for the summer -- without the scores from their TNReady tests.

"We tell them that this is really really important, but then on the back end we don't show them how important it is because we're late getting results out," said Weber.

Thomas Weber is a parent, but he's also a blogger.

He's been writing about Metro Public Schools for several years now, and he was hoping this year would be different.

"Every year around this time, I write a blog about what went wrong with testing. I was hoping actually not to do that this year," said Weber.

This year the Tennessee Department of Education advised districts in the beginning of the school year that the test scores would not be released until the end of May, and the state is on track to keep that promise.

Since districts wont have that information at least five instructional days before the end of the school year, some are choosing to exclude the student's test scores from their final grades.

But students aren't the only ones impacted by these all-important annual tests.

"If schools aren't producing, we fire teachers, we call for the firing of principals, or the closing of schools. All of these decisions come off of these test scores," said Weber.

Schools put so much emphasis on these tests, both with students and teachers, only to have them potentially thrown out for a second year in a row.

"It all speaks to the credibility of the data we're putting out there, and the information that we're giving parents and if I can't depend on it, what's the point of putting these kids through this," said Weber.

Metro Schools decided not to wait for the test scores to come back, so they won't be included in student's final grades.

Metro says in order for them to get the results back in time, they would have had to turn in all their test data to the state for scoring by May 10.They missed that deadline by 2 days.

Williamson County, however, decided to delay report cards a couple of weeks so the test scores can be included.