Tom Hanks Sends His Regrets To Nashville Couple's Wedding

Posted at 2:57 PM, Feb 15, 2018

Kristen Jerkins and her fiance' Joe Dobrin sent a wedding invitation to actor Tom Hanks, and surprisingly, he responded with his regrets and an invitation to his upcoming show.

The couple will get married May 5 in Orange Beach, Alabama. They met while playing hockey are both huge Tom Hanks fans.

Hanks sent his regrets to the couple's big day in true Hanks fashion.

The letter stated:

Dear Kristen and Joseph,

Here is a picture taken of me while I ponder if there is some way I can make it to your wedding.

Dang it, but I am in rehearsals for a play here in Los Angeles starting in May. Rats. Gotta send my regrets.

BUT, if you are in Santa Monica or Los Angeles in June, I will invite you to come see the production... Let me know if you can be my guests.

And, congratulations you kooky kids,

Throw deep,

Tom Hanks

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Naturally, Kristen got pretty excited about his response. She shared that joy on Facebook.

She said she and Joe plan to travel to go see his performance in June.