Tourists Frustrated By Closed National Parks

Posted at 10:59 PM, Jan 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-21 23:59:54-05

Dozens of tourists found a notice on the visitor's center door at Stones River National Battleground explaining no park rangers or staff would be on site through the remainder of the federal government shutdown.

"Because of a lapse in federal appropriations, this national park facility is closed for the safety of visitors and park resources," the sign read.

The closure frustrated some visitors to Tennessee.

"I'm a huge Civil War history fan, so anytime I can get near a Civil War site, I go," said Sheri Marshall, who was visiting Tennessee from California. "I just think the Democrats used this as a political ploy, so it just further cements my disgust at the Democrat party. I blame them for this."

Others were disappointed there were no experts on hand to answer questions.

"They can actually explain what happened here, what we're about to see and how it changed history," said Chris Karlson, who was visiting from Alabama. "So it's frustrating that they're not here to help us through it."

The Trump Administration chose to keep parks partially open, which created some confusion. About one third of parks nationwide closed completely, including the Statue of Liberty.

Others, like the Great Smoky Mountains, kept roads and trails open, but suspended services like campgrounds.