Train Cuts Off Access To South Nashville Neighborhood

Posted at 9:45 PM, Aug 27, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – People in South Nashville have been fighting back against a safety concern they said has plagued their neighborhood for years.

CSX railroad tracks cross the one entrance to Sadler Avenue. When trains have stopped on the way to the Radnor switching yard, residents have been unable to reach their homes.

“I personally get stopped three times a week,” said Chris Shefelton, who lives in the Sadler Village neighborhood. “If a train is stuck, then we are stuck. We aren’t going anywhere. In or out.”

Sometimes, like just a few weeks ago, many of the 80 residents who live along the dead end street ended up stuck for hours.

On top of the delays came concerns about safety.

“We have a lot of older residents back here,” said Shefelton. “If you are talking about a five or ten minute delay for an emergency responder, that could impact someone’s life.”

As frustration builds, neighbors have started documenting the delays in video clips posted to YouTube and reaching out to Metro Council Members for help, but they haven't seen any changes.

“I feel like in the last couple of months it has gotten worse,” said Shefelton.

A spokesperson for CSX said the company was aware of the situation and has been constantly working to make adjustments to prevent trains from blocking the neighborhood.

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