Trump Surrogate From Tennessee Shares Election Thoughts

Posted at 6:34 PM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 19:58:36-05

From a makeshift studio in a room at the front of her Hendersonville home, Scottie Nell Hughes has gone live countless times for television networks defending Donald Trump as a candidate. Wednesday Hughes returned to Tennessee after watching Trump's victory speech in person in New York - a victory she has fought toward for more than a year.

She said she's not ruling out a position with the campaign.

"Who knows what these next few weeks are, but I will say this - I will do whatever is best for America's policies and promoting them, whether that's to stay separate from the administration, or to join the administration," Hughes said.

In her role with the Trump campaign, Hughes appeared live on networks like CBS, CNN, FOX News, and more. Today, she's under contract as a CNN contributor at least until Trump is sworn in as President.

It's a job she called opinion journalism, which she said allows her to go beyond the facts.

"Traditional journalists report the who, what, where and when - the facts," Hughes said. "I get to talk about the why. I think those lines have been blurred this election cycle, but we'll see them go back to normal soon."

Hughes isn't sure where she fits on that spectrum after January - though she agrees there is a need for communication between President Elect Trump, his supporters, and reporters.

For now, she said she's looking toward a future beyond her own.

"We have one common issue and that is that we want to be the best for America and leave it for the next generation, Hughes said. "I think when Republicans and Democrats get together and they talk about those things, we can only succeed at that point."