Trump Wins Tennessee With 11 Electoral Votes

Posted at 9:34 PM, Nov 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-09 09:13:58-05

Donald Trump has won Tennessee's 11 electoral votes after an election campaign that has wreaked havoc among Republicans in the state.

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam had refused to endorse Trump both before and after his presidential nomination. And on the eve of early voting, Haslam publicly rejected Trump's candidacy and said he would write in the name of another Republican on his ballot.

The governor's move led to a backlash from several county Republican parties, who filed resolutions urging support for Trump.

Democrat Hillary Clinton had all but conceded heavily Republican Tennessee for much of the campaign, but her supporters were energized late in the race by debate performances and Trump's sliding poll numbers around the nation.

Ultimately, Trump walked away with 61-perecent of the vote. Meanwhile, Clinton had 35-percent and the two third party candidates had a combined 4-percent.

Only four counties in the Volunteer State went blue for Clinton - one of which was Davidson County, where Clinton had two thirds of the vote.

Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey released a statement Tuesday night regarding Republican wins in Tennessee:

"Once again, Tennessee Republicans have shown that it matters who governs. We have transformed state government for the better and our candidates have been rewarded with victories at the ballot box. Lower taxes, fiscal responsibility and government accountability -- that is what voters have asked for and that is what they have received.

I am tremendously grateful that all of our Senate Republican incumbents have been re-elected. For the third consecutive election cycle, all of our Senate candidates have emerged victorious. I am especially proud to congratulate my new Senator, Jon Lundberg, on his victory. Our great Senate majority continues. Our great state remains in capable hands. A tremendous election day for Tennessee."