Twin Sisters Battle Breast Cancer

Posted at 6:45 PM, Oct 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-11 19:46:53-04

Being an identical twin means, for some, sharing everything with your sibling. But for one set of twins, they share the same disease, breast cancer.

"We think a lot alike, we talk alike," said Randy Bieniek.

There aren't many relationships quite like two sisters, but growing up as a twin had an even strong connection for Bieniek.

"About the last 17 years, we've known we've been identical. It's just a little more special I guess," said  Bieniek.

Bieniek was born three minutes before Pam Simmons, but ever since birth, they've shared everything, including the same DNA.

"We look at pictures when we were young, and we're like which one is you, which one is me, I'm not so sure," said Bieniek.

About 15 years ago, Bieniek beat breast cancer, but last year, the cancer came back, this time in her other breast. Thankfully, Randy beat the disease, but being a twin Pam shared the same cancer causing genetic mutation and getting the same diagnosis.

"My sister is having a double mastectomy today for stage one breast cancer," said  Bieniek.

It's the one gene Randy was hoping Pam wouldn't share.

"It's not easy. You're never quite the same. You don't look the same, you don't feel the same, but we hope we live our lives better," said  Bieniek.

As Randy sits in the waiting room throughout Pam's 7 hour surgery, she knows her sister isn't alone.

It's not an easy battle , but the twins also share the same strength.

Bieniek said the twins caught the disease early because of they received annual mammograms, and did regular breast exams.

There are also tests available online to screen your genetics for cancer.