Uber Driver's Car Damaged With Racist Word

Posted: 8:42 PM, Jun 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-12 01:43:14Z

A driver for the rideshare company Uber started crowdsourcing to fix damage to his car seat after a rider allegedly wrote a hateful word on it.

Charles McDonald was giving someone a ride when they showed him that the word n***er had been written on the back of his driver seat.

He shared his frustration about the damage on Facebook with the following message:

So the I’m Uber driving, pick up my last person for the night and she says “did you see this?” I say what is it? She says pull over and look. This is what I seen. I can’t even begin to tell u how hurt I am. I’m nice to everybody that gets into my car and for the 2nd night in a row something crazy happened. I’m at a lost for words‼️

McDonald then created a gogundme page after learning Uber would not fix the damage.

"On a Uber trip and a rider did this to my seat. Uber will not pay for it at all," wrote McDonald on the crowdsourcing page.