UPS Driver Hits, Kills Mid-State Family's Dog

Posted at 4:51 PM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-22 23:52:18-05

A UPS truck hit and killed a mid-state family's dog while dropping off a package at their front door.

While on vacation, Tara Leurs, learned that her Labradoodle, Brodie, died after he was hit by a vehicle.

But her her heartbreak turned to outrage when she learned who hit him. She turned to Facebook to express her anger.

In the post she said her mother went to the house to get the package found Brodie dead in the driveway. Leurs said he was outside in the yard where an underground, invisible fence is used.

The surveillance video showed the family what they already suspected. Brodie was hit by the truck in the driveway by the UPS truck as he drove away, leaving Brodie to die a slow and painful death.

“I don’t know what kind of human could hear that, could do that and leave that dog there,” Leurs said. 

A UPS spokesperson said the usual driver for that area was off because of Presidents Day and in a statement went on to say the company is investigating, has been in touch with the family and is looking forward to seeing the video footage, which Leurs admits they have not shared with UPS. 

“I spoke to an attorney this morning and he suggested that I not share that information with them,” she said.

From their heartbreak the Leurs hope UPS changes it's policies surrounding incidents like this.

“He could’ve run over a child and if he didn't think he was going to get caught would he have kept driving,” Leurs asked. 

NewsChannel 5 contacted the Parcel Service for their response. They released the following statement:

We were sorry to hear about the loss of the Leurs family’s dog. UPS is investigating the situation and has been in contact with the family. We look forward to receiving the video footage so the company can conclude its investigation and take appropriate action.