Van Buren County Residents Fight For Clear Water

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jul 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 09:51:29-04

Van Buren County residents have been dealing with the problem of brown, dirty water for years, and they've said enough is enough.

"Our water will go from a yellow color, to a brown tint, to a black to a red," said Sandra Vance.
Van Buren County's water comes in all different shades, and even when it's clear, Vance said she won't drink it.
"My husband definitely won't drink the water. I did up until last year, it's gotten so bad I won't drink it. I drink the bottled water also," said Vance.
Vance told Newschannel 5 her family moved into Van Buren County back in 1986, and they have been dealing with the color changing water ever since.
"We're getting worse it's not getting better, it's happening more often," said Vance.
Vance said, over the last five years, her water been been turning brown about two dozen times a year, and her concerns have gone unnoticed.
"It doesn't do us any good to complain, like I said they've always got some kind of excuse," said Vance.
Spencer Mayor Mickey Robinson said high levels of manganese and iron cause the water to change colors.
It may not look pleasant, but the water doesn't smell and Mayor Robinson said it wont harm the residents if they drink it.
Mayor Robinson said he deals with the same problem, and the city is working on a chemical fix.
"I want to citizens of Spencer to know The city of Spencer does care. We do care about your concerns and we are doing everything in our power to help them," said Mayor Robinson.
Vance hoped help comes sooner rather than later.
The Mayor said this weekend's water changing problem happened when the regulators went down, and when they began working again the sludge got flushed out into the pipes.