Vandals Target Churches In Hendersonville

Posted at 5:50 PM, Oct 13, 2016

Two Hendersonville churches were targeted by vandals, having their property damaged.

Pastor Barry Armour worked hard Thursday to clean unholy and offensive words from his church's walls.

"Best way I know how to put it would be anti-God," he said. 

Armour awoke to a police call Thursday morning saying his church was vandalized, only upon his arrival did he realize the extent of the vandalism.

"In my opinion the worst thing that you can do is to dishonor God's house," he said. "He’s always watching, He’s everywhere and you can’t escape the hand of God.” 

Unfortunately Armour's church was not the only one hit. About a mile away, the pastor at Hendersonville's Church of the Nazarene got the same call.

The church bus was covered in offensive graffiti, and similar to Harvest Baptist, many of the words were too vulgar to share.

However, this wasn't the first time the Church of the Nazarene had been targeted. After the first incident a few weeks ago, the church installed surveillance cameras which captured the vandals who returned early Thursday morning. That surveillance video was given to police.

Armour had faith the culprit would be caught, but he had these words for the person behind the words on his church. 

"I'm sorry you're making these choices and I hope you'll look into your heart through all these things and that you will come to know the Lord," Armour said. 

Hendersonville police said a local park and a residence in that area were also hit. Police believed the incidents are related.