Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital chief of staff arrested for 'malicious' messages threatening violence, death

Handcuffed Man
Posted at 4:35 PM, Dec 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-14 22:14:13-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital chief of staff Robert Scott Frankenfield was arrested after "malicious" harassment after drinking at a work holiday party on Sunday.

Metro Nashville Police Department Officers arrived at the Frankenfields' home after the victim called in a domestic disturbance to report that she felt endangered by the words and behavior of her husband.

"Dr. Frankenfield has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of court proceedings. We have no further comment on this personal matter," Vanderbilt officials said in a statement.

According to the arrest warrant, upon leaving Frankenfield's office party, he asked the victim to drive him to Broadway to continue the night, but she refused, telling him she thought he was too intoxicated.

When Frankenfield noticed the victim was driving them home instead of downtown, he reportedly became irate and demanded to be let out of the vehicle.

He got out at a stop at an unknown intersection in the Madison area, while his victim continued home, according to the report. During the drive home, she began to receive threatening messages from Frankenfield.

The text messages contained degrading cuss words.

"You're a [c---]. [C---s] have to pay. You had a chance. You chose violence," read the messages.

"Again you scare me so need to take an Uber," the victim replied. Later, Frankenfield answered again.

"Last chance. Come get me. If you don't you and yours need to get far away from me. I'm at 2nd and Broad. Come now or reap the ducking wrath. Call the cops. I'm coming," said the text reply from Robert Frankenfield's phone.

Robert Scott Frankenfield

The arrest warrant stated that Robert sent over 11 text messages without a response from the victim.

"This is not a game. I made it clear. You chose your side, and it is not mine. I will destroy anyone against me. That is a fact. You have chosen war. I hope you are prepared. I wouldn't sleep. I'm coming home. Did you count the guns? Did you remember the one in the car? You have lost all rights to me . . . You are the embarrassment. And I am done with you. Get the [f---] out of my life. Once and for all," the messages said.

There was also a point at which he told the victim to, "seriously, die."

The victim told police that she had extreme concern for her life, safety, and the well-being of herself and her family. She said that domestic issues occur frequently, but on that evening she'd had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen.

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