Vanderbilt LifeFlight Launches New App

New App Can Help Save Precious Seconds
Posted at 7:34 AM, Jun 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-02 14:53:36-04

Every year, Vanderbilt LifeFlight responds to thousands of emergency calls and every second counts. Now, there's a new app that allows emergency responders to request a helicopter at the tap of a button.

"So essentially, this [emergency] aircraft is set up just like a flying ICU or a flying ER," said Kevin Nooner, Program Director for Air Medical Transportation at Vanderbilt. 

"We will typically get about 10,000 phone calls per year and each one of those requires us to get location and information," said Nooner.

He said the new app will make response time faster and more direct. All of the important info, like GPS location, patient name and other vitals can be sent immediately within the app. 

"One of our intentions behind this was to let the on-scene providers to request an aircraft directly," he said. "Being able to activate an aircraft at the push of a button, instead of making a telephone call that then gets routed to a 911 center and then our center. We'll be able to shave-off some seconds, even minutes within the transport request."

The app is now available on iTunes and on Google Play.