Veteran Gains Mobility From Underwater Therapy

Posted at 8:04 PM, Jan 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-08 21:04:25-05

An underwater therapy center catering to veterans, has given a Middle Tennessee vet his mobility and freedom.

It may actually feel like winter outside but indoors at H3O Aquatics in Murfreesboro the water is a steamy 94 degrees.

"That's the optimum temperature for bones and muscles," client John Dent said. 

Dent is a Vietnam War veteran and spent years fighting for our nation's freedom. Now he's fighting to keep his new found freedom. "I haven't felt this good in years," he said. 

Before last Spring, Dent spent most of his time on his recliner or in his bed. "The only thing that seemed to give me relief was pain medicine. I could not walk more than 100 yards without my back hurting," he said. 

Multiple back surgeries forced Dent to take a handful of pain pills every day. Sometimes it was hard for him to function, in April he decided he needed a change.

He went to Iraq War Veteran, Captain Michael Burrows for relief. "This whole place was built on prayers and I tell you, I see God work miracles on peoples' lives here every day," Burrows said. 

Day by day Dent became stronger, one mile on the underwater treadmill turned to 5 miles, which then turned to 15 miles.

"I'm telling you, every week it was a new accomplishment, a new goal surpassed," Burrows said. 

Just as Dent turned 64 years old last week, he ran his first full marathon underwater, "26.22 miles," said Dent with pride. 

He hopes his journey back to health inspires others to get moving. "I just praise God for Michael opening this place and helping us get healthy again," said Dent. 

A business by a veteran which caters to veterans, no matter their financial abilities. "I'm never going to turn away a veteran that wants to get healthier or wants to feel better," said Burrows. 

Dent also lost 30 pounds while training although losing weight was never his goal. H3O Aquatics relies on volunteers for help, if you'd like to help or donate to the Veterans Aquatic Rehabilitation fund click here

H3O Aquatics caters to veterans but is open to the general public.