Victim Describes Attack At Lincoln Homes

Posted at 9:27 PM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 23:38:29-04

After a violent fight at a Clarksville housing complex is caught on camera, one of the victims is speaking out about what happened.

Christina Smith said she is still living in fear, two weeks after the attack at Lincoln Homes.

“A lot of times when I go out the door, I’m scared,” said Smith. “I’m scared they are going to find me.”

Smith said on Aug. 10, she asked a group of individuals multiple times to not sit on her car. After they ignored her request, she said she did curse at them. Her husband also came out to ask them to get off the car. She says the group then attacked her husband, punching and kicking him repeatedly. She attempted to save her husband, when she was attacked as well.

“All I could think was oh my God please don’t kill me,” said Smith. “ I’m going to die, what am I going to do with my daughter?”

Smith said eventually the group dispersed and she called police. She was taken to the hospital and learned she had a concussion and fractured rib and had to wear a neck brace for several days.  Her husband was also injured, but did not go to the hospital. She took photos of bruises and shoe prints on his face and torso.

Smith said she never provoked the attackers, or used any racial slurs, as one Clarksville City Councilmember claimed earlier in the week.

Clarksville Councilwoman Says Attack Was Provoked

Smith said she never had problems with neighbors prior the attack.  She has since moved to another apartment, but still worries about her safety.

“I want them all caught,” said Smith. “For them to do something this stupid, they need to pay for it.”

Marcellus Crawford, 20, was arrested Wednesday and Travion Lisenbee, 19, was arrested Tuesday. Both were charged with aggravated assault. Both were booked into the Montgomery County Jail on $50,000 bond. Terry White, 19, is also charged in the case.

CPD spokeswoman Natalie Hall said two juveniles also were being charged in the case in juvenile court.

If you can identify any of  individuals in the video or have any information related to this incident, call Detective Adrian Anderson at 931-648-0656 Ext 5534, or call the CrimeStoppers TIPS Hotline at 931-645-TIPS (8477).